The Downtown District is where history and economic development come together through our Main Street Program to create the spirit and vibrancy of Eagle Pass. We were one of the first five cities in the Main Street Program when it was chartered in 1980, and were accepted back into the program as a recertified Main Street program in 2010.

The Texas Main Street Program assists communities by providing technical expertise, resources, and support in accordance with the National Main Street Four Point Approach of organization, economic vitality, design, and promotion. The program works to address the myriad issues facing older and historic downtowns. There has been a statewide Texas program operating through the Texas Historical Commission since the National Main Street Center was established as a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1980.

Some of our work includes:

Eagle Pass Main Street Façade Restoration Grant

This grant is an incentive that helps business owners maintain and restore the historic beauty of our Downtown while improving their businesses. Façade grants focus on exterior work on storefronts, as well as roof and foundation work on commercial buildings located in the Central Business District (to receive a grant for roof and/or foundation improvements, the project must also include façade restorations).

Applicants who make façade improvements to downtown businesses are eligible for a one-to-one match grant on qualified expenses up to $20,000. Full guidelines, eligibility criteria, and application can be found here.

Historic Revitalization Program

The Historic Revitalization Program is a storefront rehabilitation program targeting historic buildings located in downtown Eagle Pass. Historic revitalization is important to not only the aesthetic of our downtown but also provides the members of our community with a unique sense of connection to the past. The main purpose of this program is to help revive the historic image and improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of structures while also improving the economic competitiveness of businesses located in downtown Eagle Pass.
The Historic Revitalization Program funds up to $100,000 for an eligible site and structural improvements to existing businesses and properties located in the designated area of downtown. The Historic Revitalization Program funds would become available upon selection and approval of the release of the funds. Funds are limited to a maximum of $100,000 per commercial property. Funds can be used on the site or any exterior portion of the building, including signage. Full guidelines, eligibility criteria, and application can be found here.

Certificate of Appropriateness

Article IX of City of Eagle Pass Code of Ordinances Chapter 8 requires an application for and the issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness by or on behalf of the City of Eagle Pass Main Street Advisory Board before a permit is issued for, or work is begun on, any of the following activities located within the City’s Historic Preservation District. An application for a Certificate of Appropriateness can be found here.

City of Eagle Pass Art & Culture Center

The City of Eagle Pass Art & Culture Center — part of the Main Street Program — was opened on January 30, 2020 as a home for artisans and creators that elevates downtown entertainment and provides a lively focal point for the safe and inclusive community of Eagle Pass. The Center adds to the dynamic culture of the City by promoting an interactive relationship with the arts,  drawing visitors and residents alike to Eagle Pass’ 300 Block Art and Entertainment District. The energy created by The Center benefits all of our Downtown businesses.

The Center works to foster and develop an extensive art program with classes, live music, and exhibits that engage the community. If you’re lucky enough to live in Eagle Pass, you have access to a multitude of classes for every age and inclination. Register for classes here to start creating!

Artists and performers can apply for exhibition or performance space:

2020 Eagle Pass Trade Numbers
Art Center General Guidelines
Artist Engagement Agreement
Artist Submission Application
Exhibit Guidelines
Live Performance Guidelines
Release of Personal Property
Retail Market Profile 2020

To view a copy of our downtown masterplan click here

If you can't find what you are looking for, contact the Main Street Program at 830-773-1111, or send an email to