A strong economy is the foundation of a well-run city. Eagle Pass Economic Development is focused on spurring sustainable economic growth that leads to more jobs, higher incomes, reduction of poverty, higher living standards, and a healthier society. We take action every day to ensure broadly-shared prosperity across our City — by modernizing our infrastructure; cutting red tape to attract more business and investment; strengthening the region’s key sectors, like logistics and transport; and supporting the entrepreneurs and small business owners who represent the heart and soul of our local job market.

Eagle Pass Provides Assistance Services Customized for You

Eagle Pass Economic Development makes site selection and relocation streamlined and manageable. We take pride in being an efficient, progressive, business-friendly Texas city with a staff dedicated to facilitating quality economic development with “one stop” service.

Market Information. Eagle Pass Economic Development can help provide the timely information site selectors need. We have the demographics and statistics pertaining to business climate, international trade, labor force, quality of life, infrastructure, workforce development programs, taxation, and local laws and regulations.

Regional Tours and Introductions. Eagle Pass Economic Development is your liaison for coordinating site visitation tours tailored to your specific needs and arranging meetings with officials crucial to the site selection process.

Real Estate and Site Selection. Through our partners and regional real estate agents and brokers, Eagle Pass Economic Development staff is available to connect businesses with the right location meeting their site specific requirements.

Access to Consultants. Whether you are a local business looking to expand operations or a new business searching for a location for its headquarters, we can provide access to our business partners to make the process easier. Eagle Pass Economic Development can introduce you to real estate brokers, law firms, lending agencies, federal and/or local governments, and many others.

Funding Application Support. When applying for state or federal programs, staff can assist by providing letters of support or advocating to government officials on behalf of a business or market sector for a better outcome.

Incentives. Navigating through the varied incentives offered at local, state, and federal levels can be overwhelming. Eagle Pass Economic Development staff can provide concise instructions and assistance for many commonly sought out incentives including the City's Chapter 380 Agreements. We have the information you need about our Foreign Trade Zone and Opportunity Zones.