Looking to move your business where it will be more affordable? In search of a location that is friendly and pro-growth? Come to Eagle Pass, Texas. We make it faster and easier to start and grow a business. Entrepreneurs, look for our new Business Incubator coming to our Downtown District.

Lower Cost of Doing Business

Businesses save when locating in Eagle Pass because there are no state corporate income taxes in Texas. Additionally, Eagle Pass Economic Development can help you apply for several incentives that help with expenses like infrastructure and façade improvement. Eagle Pass is the authorized grantee for Foreign Trade Zone No. 96, meaning businesses can access benefits in regards to tariffs and duties. Eagle Pass also has a designated Opportunity Zone adjacent to its downtown area and within the path of both ports of entry, Bridge I and Bridge II. There is an additional OZ just outside city limits. In all, compared to the rest of the country, Eagle Pass's cost of living is 17.8% lower than the U.S. average.

International Trade is Right Across the Border

Eagle Pass’ location on the border means direct access to ports of entry (additionally, there is a Foreign Trade Zone). International goods and customers are minutes away via two international vehicular bridges and a Union Pacific rail bridge. Additionally, Maverick County Memorial International Airport has daily flights to Mexico.

From Eagle Pass, businesses have quick and easy access to the rest of the nation via US Hwys 57 and 277 with connections to I-35. In all, Eagle Pass conducts $29.68 billion in trade with the world.

The Available Workforce You Need

Eagle Pass has close to 2,000 workers, or nearly 15% of its workforce, ready to fill your labor needs. The Texas workforce as a whole has the perfect combination of highly-skilled talent and world-class schools that continue to meet the needs of businesses across all industries. A multitude of workforce programs are available to help with, among other things, on-the-job-training, upskilling, and recruiting.

Hands-On Support

Eagle Pass Economic Development makes it easy to do business along the Rio Grande. By providing pertinent information, customized support, and tailored site selection assistance we help businesses open their first location or expand their current one, without the red tape.