Businesses in Eagle Pass benefit from low tax rates. The state of Texas does not levy a corporate or personal income tax.

Located at 100 S. Monroe Street, the City of Eagle Pass Tax Office bills and collects current and delinquent property taxes in a fair, equal, and uniform manner. This office collects Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax, issues taxicab permits, and receives other funds for the City of Eagle Pass. The Tax Office works closely with the Maverick County Appraisal District.

Property Tax Rates (2020)  
Municipal - City of Eagle Pass 0.540743
County - Maverick County 0.568700
Eagle Pass Independent School District 1.161600
Hospital 0.148960
Total Property Tax Rate 2.420003
Sales and Use Tax  
State Sales Tax 6.25%
Municipal-City of Eagle Pass 1.00%
County-Maverick County 0.5%
Maverick County Landfill 0.5%
Total Eagle Pass Sales and Use Tax 8.25%
Hotel Occupancy Tax  
State Hotel Occupancy Tax 6.00%
Municipal - City of Eagle Pass 7.00%
Total Hotel Occupancy Tax 13.00%
Tax Eagle Pass San Antonio Laredo
Municipality 0.540743 0.558270 0.634000
County 0.568700 0.277429 0.412000
School District 1.161600 1.530950 1.396500
Hospital 0.148960 0.276235 N/A
Community College N/A 0.149150 0.328643
Road & Flood N/A 0.023668 N/A
River Authority N/A 0.018580 N/A
Total 2.420003 2.834282 2.771143

Visit the tax office or call 830-773-1111 for more information.