Eagle Pass Economic Development Launches Informative, Community-Focused Website

9 Dec 2021


Website to Engage Community Members, Business Owners, and Site Selectors

EAGLE PASS, TX -- Eagle Pass Economic Development recently launched a powerful website, created by Golden Shovel Agency, to further strengthen its online presence and economic growth for the region. The website serves as a one-stop-shop for all things related to economic development in the community.

“Our primary goal is to give potential investors a real glimpse of the city that they would not necessarily get from looking elsewhere online, such as Google, BLS, or Wikipedia,” says Arturo Marquez, Director of Economic Development and the City of Eagle Pass. “Our second goal is to become a commonly known resource where people in the region can post jobs and site selectors and business owners can find available sites.”

The Eagle Pass website showcases important features for local audiences such as real estates, job openings, events, and much more. The website is also - in many cases - the first thing that outside investors see before making a decision to continue their site selection process. The first impression that economic development organizations make on their website can decide the future for whether site consultants reach out for a meeting.

The previous website used by Eagle Pass was outdated, not user-friendly, and important details were sometimes difficult to find. With the new website, everything is focused on economic development and the content is available in a way that is easy to navigate.

Eagle Pass Economic Development collaborated with Golden Shovel Agency for its website design project. The national economic development communications firm is recognized for its award-winning design and expertise in business and workforce attraction.

“Working with the Eagle Pass team on this design project has been a great experience,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “This site will be a great asset for companies and potential partners to understand opportunities in the area, as well as demonstrate their economic growth potential.”

You can view the newly redesigned website at https://www.chooseeaglepass.com.


EAGLE PASS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT is focused on spurring sustainable growth that leads to more jobs, higher incomes, reduction of poverty, higher living standards, and a healthier society. It takes action every day to ensure broadly-shared prosperity across the City - by modernizing its infrastructure; cutting red tape to attract more businesses and investment; strengthening the region’s key sectors, like logistics and transport; and supporting the entrepreneurs and small business owners who represent the heart and soul of the local job market. Learn more at https://www.chooseeaglepass.com.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development marketing agency that believes thriving communities improve everyone’s lives. Everything it does connects businesses and talent with communities they’ll thrive in. It does this by empowering economic developers through groundbreaking economic development communications. Golden Shovel has helped hundreds of communities across the globe shape and tell their stories to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies. Learn more at https://www.goldenshovelagency.com.

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