Greetings From Eagle Pass, TX

Greetings From Eagle Pass, TX Main Photo

20 Dec 2021


Greetings from Eagle Pass, Texas! We’ve been in touch with this border city in Texas for some time and finally had the chance to create our second postcard mural in the lone star state. A lot of people may not be aware of this small community, but it’s the fastest route between San Antonio and Mexico often referred to as "La Puerta de Mexico" or Mexico's Door.  The sister city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico is located right across the border and almost 95% of the population within Eagle Pass are hispanic. While it feels like you could be in Mexico, the locals here are proud Texans!

The name “Eagle Pass” originated from the contour of the hills through which the Rio Grande flows, creating an image that resembled the outstretched wings of an eagle.  The city was historically known as Camp Eagle Pass and was the first American settlement on the Rio Grande. Today, it’s become the second busiest international rail crossing between the U.S. and Mexico.  In fact, Union Pacific Railroad was the official grant sponsor that made this project possible. One thing we learned after traveling this country for 6+ years is that there’s always the sound of a freight train horn wherever we find a place to settle for the night. In our RV & home, we use vintage Union Pacific calendar that matches our current year. Their logo is already ingrained in our memory from looking at it all these years!

Since Lisa was 6 months pregnant, we felt that it was safer that she didn’t travel for this project. Therefore, we connected with a lot of locals ahead of time to help out.  Lisa coordinated the documentation remotely. Special thanks to local artists (full time teachers) Adrian Ortiz and Diego Diaz for their support and help on the ground before Victor arrived.  In addition, we had a local photographer Erick Ramos help capture the process as Victor worked on the mural.  We are grateful to collaborate with the locals in a community whenever possible!

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