Oklahoma, Colorado & Plains States Benefit from Ports-to-Plains Event in Eagle, Texas

14 Sep 2023


September’s Ports to Plains event prioritizes future infrastructure projects. “Support to expand the Ports to Plains path will connect Eagle Pass, Texas and Mexico to other areas that are not traditionally thought of as having connectivity to a major port, such as the panhandle, Colorado and Oklahoma,” “Our goal is to drum up more support for the designation of the Ports to Plains path in order to build its infrastructure to ensure economic growth along the different communities that it serves,” said  Arturo Marquez, Director of Eagle Pass Economic Development. “Easy connectivity benefits these communities as well.”

One of the co-hosts for the Ports-to-Plains Alliance 2023 Annual Conference September 13-15, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas, is the Ports-to-Plains Alliance. The organization is a non-profit, bipartisan, grassroots alliance of more than 200 partner communities and businesses across nine states. 

Advocating in Eagle Pass During Ports-to-Plains Event

The Alliance advocates for robust international transportation infrastructure to promote economic security, development and prosperity throughout North America’s energy and agricultural heartland including Mexico to Canada. It is currently advocating for a four-lane divided highway or interstate highway connecting our communities to domestic and international markets across North America. You can become part of this work. Take action today by exploring the “Advocacy” section of the organization’s website to learn more about its Federal Advocacy, State Advocacy and Interstate Visibility at Advocacy - Ports to Plains. Join the movement. 

“The Ports to Plains Alliance is made up of over 200 different communities that make up the path and travels north across Texas starting from Laredo and ending in Denver, Colorado. By working together, we can attract infrastructure projects that will help all our communities grow,” said  Arturo Marquez, Director of Eagle Pass Economic Development.