Eagle Pass Economic Development Co-hosts Ports-to-Plains Event in Hometown

12 Sep 2023


 “Our goal is to drum up more support for the designation of the Ports to Plains path in order to build its infrastructure to ensure economic growth along the different communities that it serves,” said Aide Castano, Marketing Director for the City of Eagle Pass.

“We are proud to co-host the Ports-to-Plains Alliance 2023 Annual Conference September 13-13 and eager to showcase its people, lodging, attractions and economic growth seen over the past two years, and attendees will feel right at home,” he added.

About Eagle Pass Economic Development

Eagle Pass Economic Development’s focus is to spur economic growth that leads to more jobs, reduction of poverty, higher living standards and a healthier community. These are actionable items taken each day to ensure:

  • Modernized infrastructure
  • Cutting red tape to attract more business and investment
  • Strengthening the region’s key sectors, like logistics and transport
  • Supporting the entrepreneurs and small business owners who represent the heart and soul of the local job market

Customized Resources in Eagle Pass

No one must go it alone Eagle Pass, where economic development is a team sport. Eagle Pass takes pride in being an efficient, progressive, business-friendly Texas city with a staff dedicated to facilitating quality economic development with “one stop” services. For more information, please visit https://www.chooseeaglepass.com/.